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If you have an old car sitting around you no longer drive or want, there are 3 common ways how you get rid of the car. Deciding which way is best for you will depend on several factors, like if the vehicle still runs and is in good condition.

Method #1: Car Recycling

Car recycling has become a popular way to get rid of an old car that needs a lot of work or is no longer running. It is an eco-friendly option to dispose of the vehicle. Many parts of old cars can be recycled and reused, like windows, plastics, steel, aluminum, and so on. Parts that are still in working condition can be refurbished too. Plus, you don’t have to worry about fluids not being drained and disposed of safely.

At Auto Scrappers, we pay top dollar for old cars that no longer run or need a lot of repairs. We buy all types, makes, and models of vehicles in any condition. We will provide you with a no-obligation quote on how much we will pay for your vehicle. If you accept our offer, we will schedule a time to pick up the vehicle and pay you.

Method #2: Sell or Trade the Car In

If the car still runs and is in good condition, you could try selling it yourself, sell it at a car dealership, or trade it in if you want to buy or lease a new vehicle. Some car dealers run special promotions periodically where they will offer “cash for clunkers” as an incentive to get you to buy or lease a new vehicle.

You can also trade in the old car along with another vehicle to save even more (Including HST) on your new vehicle. We have partnered up with a Used Car Dealership that is licensed and approved by (OMVIC) Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council. Please call them directly at 416-951-1437 and mention this site to get a better deal.

Method #3: Donate the Car to a Local Charity

Some local non-profit charities will accept vehicles as donations as long as they are running and in good condition. The charity either uses the vehicle as a business car or will sell it to raise money for their organization. Just be aware there are car donation scams out there, so take the time to research the non-profit you want to donate the car to before agreeing to do so.

You may qualify for a tax deduction if you donate your vehicle. However, you should consult with your tax preparation specialist to find out if you qualify for a tax deduction. If you don’t qualify for the tax deduction and want to get rid of the vehicle quickly, you can always recycle it too.

Getting rid of an old car you no longer want or that runs is not difficult using one of these common methods. To recycle your car, feel free to contact Auto Scrappers at (647) 766-2292 or fill out our “Get a Quote” request form on our website today to get started!

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