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If you happen to be in possession of a vehicle that was in an accident, or is old and no longer working, you may be wondering how to dispose of it and make a little extra cash. Sometimes, it’s not worth the money to fix old and damaged cars – yet, there are still ways to make cash by selling parts individually. Knowing which ones are in high demand and worth more money than others is vital if you plan to sell car parts.

What Are the Most Expensive Car Parts to Sell?

Experts have recently increased the life expectancy of most Canadian vehicles to a length of over 15 years. While most people don’t keep cars for more than a decade, selling the parts piece by piece could be a great way to make a little extra money. Reaching your target buyers and audience has never been easier than with the internet.

The target audience for used auto parts is private buyers, parts recyclers, and junk or scrap yards. Craigslist and eBay are the best places to list used car parts. Some of the most expensive car parts include:

Car Engine & Transmission

The engine and transmission are the most in-demand used car parts, and the engine is the most expensive part of a car. Yet, disassembling the engine or transmission to sell can be challenging for anyone who does not have automotive experience. If you have the right tools, knowledge, and plan to do it yourself, prepare for a long and complex process. An engine can sell for $500, while a transmission will go for $250 depending on the year and mileage.

Scrapping Your Catalytic Converters

The catalytic converter is also one of the most expensive parts of a car. Knowing the year, make, and model is critical when deciding the best place to sell a catalytic converter. An original part will get you a higher price for the sale.

The reason for this price difference is due to the fact that factories must meet higher standards when building parts than after-market parts distributors do for replacement parts. The catalytic converter is tricky, and can also be hazardous to remove. Even if this part is no longer in working order, you could recover money for scrapping the precious metals.

GPS System, Stereo, & Multimedia

While most people use their smartphones for navigation, there are still advantages to using a built-in GPS, such as hands-free driving. A vehicle’s GPS is great for finding your way around new locations without using your phone. Removing your old GPS, stereo, and multimedia system won’t be all that difficult, and could make you approximately $100 if you find the right buyer. Scrap yards won’t sell old GPS systems, so the best way to make a little cash from these parts is to remove the items and sell them online.

Fenders, Doors, Bumpers

You can sell a vehicle’s old fenders, doors, and bumpers to buyers looking to replace theirs. While these parts will not make you a lot of money, they can get you some cash in your pocket on the spot. The process for removing these parts varies widely, and can be a long and challenging process depending on the type of car. The first and most crucial step is having the right tools and instructions for the specific make of the vehicle. Finding the right buyer for these parts can earn you a few hundred dollars.

Selling and Scrapping Rims and Tires

If the tires on your vehicle are in sound condition, they can also be the most valuable parts on a car to sell. Removing and making money from the used parts is relatively simple – this is especially the case for larger tires. Rims made from aluminum, chrome, or alloy materials could also earn cash and sell quickly. You can sell each tire and rim separately or as a set. A set of tires could go for $100 to $300, while high-quality rims could sell for a few hundred dollars each.

Salvage Car Battery

While removing and selling your car battery is pretty simple, you won’t get much for it, and this process can be hazardous to the environment. The most you’re looking at is approximately $7 to $20. Electric car batteries are in the highest demand and, depending on the make and model, could bring you the most money.

Air Bags

Depending on the type of vehicle, unused airbags can go for as much as $200. Many potential buyers are willing to pay for a used airbag to save themselves the high cost of getting a shop to install a new one. While if you follow instructions, removing an airbag may not be that difficult. However, it can be hazardous, so it is vital to follow all safety precautions to avoid injuries.

Is It Worth the Time and Effort to Sell Scrap Car Parts?

When deciding whether it is worth the time and effort to sell scrap car parts, there are many things to consider. Some pros and cons of removing and selling the parts include:



Breaking down and selling an old car for parts can bring cash into your pocket. However, for those without experience working on vehicles, the hassle may not be worth the value of the parts.

For those who wonder where they can sell scrap car for cash in Toronto, contact our team at Auto Scrappers. We offer free towing and quick money in your pocket on all vehicles in any condition. Auto Scrappers provide same-day, full-service, professional, and convenient auto recycling services.

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