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What is the top recycled consumer product in the world? You might be surprised to learn that it is automobiles. Unfortunately, junk car recycling is not something many people are aware of in Toronto and the GTA.

If they did, you would see more people looking to convert their junk cars into cash while reducing their carbon footprints. Junk car recycling is one of the easiest ways to offset the carbon emissions and other damages to the environment caused by the automotive industry.

How? Here is everything you need to know about recycling junk cars!

#1: Recycling junk cars keep older vehicles off the roads.

Older vehicles – we’re not talking collector cars here – tend to harm the environment more. They leak fluids, put out more carbon emissions, and become more difficult to maintain. Additionally, older vehicles lack the safety features found in modern cars.

Providing people the option to recycle old cars indirectly keeps them off the roads, reduces risks of accidents, and promotes a better environment.

#2: The automotive industry is changing to become more eco-friendly.

Many automobile manufacturers have initiatives in place to achieve zero carbon emissions in the not-so distance future. Some vehicle manufacturers have also started implementing plans to discontinue gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles and only sell electric-powered ones.

Part of these initiatives is using recycled vehicles and materials recaptured during the recycling process. Many of the cars rolling off assembly lines today are made from at least 25% recycled steel.

Our junk car removal and recycling business is a part of helping the automotive industry become more eco-friendly. So, when you sell your junk cars to us for cash, you are also doing your part.

#3: Junk car recycling helps support the local community and economy.

How do Toronto and the GTA benefit from junk car recycling? Our communities look nicer by removing junk cars from driveways, parking garages, storage units, and front yards. Plus, the risks of harmful fluids leaking into the ground are eliminated.

Junk car recycling also helps support the local economy. How? You sell your junk car to us for cash. You take that cash and use it to buy a new car, go shopping, or whatever you want. By spending the money locally in Toronto and the GTA, you are contributing to our local economy.

If you want to replace your junk car with something new, we can help you find a reliable used car that is not yet ready to be recycled. So too, are you helping recycle a vehicle by buying used and supporting our local economy.

Ready to make some cash and do your part for the environment? Please feel free to contact Auto Scrappers at (647) 766-2292 to request a free junk car cash offer in North York & Mississauga.

We offer top dollar for scrap and unwanted vehicles, always pay in cash, and never charge any hidden fees. Please remember, you will need to have a clear and free vehicle title in your name to complete the sale.

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