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When you have a scrap car or vehicle you no longer need, there are several different options available to convert the car into quick cash. It is important to weigh your options to determine which one will get you the most cash for your vehicle.

Never go with the first offer you receive until you have had to compare other options. If you do, you may be disappointed later when you discover you could have gotten a better offer elsewhere. Furthermore, you will need to verify the vehicle title is clear and free without any liens against it and have the title in your name and your possession to sell the vehicle.

Option #1: Local Junkyards

Junkyards may offer to purchase scrap cars. However, some do not but will gladly accept the vehicle for free. To sell the vehicle, you may be required to pay for towing to get it to the junkyard. Plus, you may have to take it to the junkyard to get a quote on how much they will pay before an offer is made.

Option #2: Online Scrap Car Buyers

An easier way to find out how much your junk is worth is to consider using online scrap car buyers. Scrap car buyers typically provide a free offer price based on the information you provide about your vehicle.

This offer price is fairly accurate in most cases unless you omitted certain information. You will also want to find out what type of wheels (rims) are on the vehicle as the offer price can and will vary depending on whether you have alloy, aluminum, or steel wheels. The original catalytic convertor (part of the exhaust system) also is a factor in determining the final price.

Option #3: Donate the Vehicle to a Trade School

Trade schools often look for scrap vehicles for students pursuing careers in auto repair, auto body, and other related fields to work on. Your donation to the school might be able to be written off your taxes, but you would need to consult with your tax preparation specialist to find out.

Option #4: Donate the Vehicle to a Local Non-Profit Charity

You could donate the vehicle to a local charity you support and allow them to sell it and use the proceeds from the sale to further their cause. If the vehicle stills runs and is safe to drive, the charity may decide to keep and use it. You could even qualify for a tax deduction you could verify by asking your tax preparation specialist.

Option #5: Sell It to a Dealership

You could also try to sell your unwanted car at a dealership. However, most dealers only offer well below wholesale prices for the vehicle, so this is not your best option when you want the most cash.

As you can see, there are several different ways to sell a scrap car in Mississauga, Brampton, Markham & North York. If you want to put cash in your pocket, the easiest and quickest method is to contact Auto Scrappers. We offer top dollar for scrap and unwanted vehicles, always pay in cash, and never charge any hidden fees. Find out how much your car is worth by completing our online quote request form or calling us at (647) 766-2292 today!

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