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Not many people realize the value they have sitting in their driveway with an old vehicle that no longer runs or works. They might think their only option is to pay someone to tow it to a junkyard and just get rid of it. While you could certainly do this, we do not recommend it because you are throwing cash away!

Why? Because your old vehicles still have value, even when they no longer run. Furthermore, cars that have been totaled in an accident have value as well. Unless your insurance company tells you must surrender the vehicle, you can sell it too!

With the holidays just around the corner, now is a great time to clear out your driveway, get rid of old vehicles you no longer want, and put some holiday cash in your pocket! You can use the cash you receive to buy yourself something nice, buy gifts, or save it for a rainy day or a much-needed holiday vacation once travel restrictions are lifted.

How Do I Sell My Old Vehicles?

There are all sorts of ways to sell your old vehicles. You could post something online and hope to find a buyer. Yet, this method takes time and effort. You could park the vehicle and put a for sale sign in it. Again, this takes time and effort on your part to sell the vehicle.

Plus, if you use either of these options, you must be available to show the vehicle. If it still runs, you also will need to let people take it for a test drive.

Luckily, there is a much easier and faster way to sell your old vehicles thanks to Auto Scrappers and our auto recycling program. You just fill out our online form or give us a call. We will give you an initial estimate of how much cash we will pay for your vehicle.

If you like our offer, we will arrange a time to come pick up the vehicle that works for you. When our driver arrives, they will do another assessment to ensure the vehicle condition matches what you told us.

If all is good, then you sign over the clear and free title, give it to our driver, and he or she will give you cash on the spot. In some cases, we can complete same-day transactions so you can get your cash right away!

Can I Sell More Than One Vehicle?

Yes, we are happy to pay you cash to recycle all the old vehicles you no longer want. Just let us know how many vehicles you want to sell. We will provide you with an initial quote for each vehicle. Then, you let us know which offers you are accepting. From there, we will schedule a pickup for each vehicle at a time that works for you.

To get your quick holiday cash, fill out our online quote request or give Auto Scrappers a call at (647) 766-2292 today!

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