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Are you looking to make some extra money? Maybe you got laid off from your job due to COVID-19 and don’t know when you will be recalled? One way you could generate some cash during these uncertain times is by buying and selling used cars.

There are some key tips on how to make money, otherwise, you could lose money if you are not careful.

Tip #1: Avoid shopping at car dealerships

Car dealerships never offer great deals on used cars when you want to buy it and then turn around and sell it. You will be losing money.

Tip #2: Scour the used car sales ads in the newspaper and online

Take the time to check out individual used car sales ads in your newspaper and online. You want to look for older vehicles that people are trying to sell quickly. For example, you may find a late model car that is for sale for $500 or best offer.

Tip #3: Get a quote from Auto Scrappers on how much we will pay you

Once you have found a car that looks promising, fill out our online quote request. We will let know how much cash we can pay you. Let’s assume for a moment that used car you found for sale for $500 is really worth $750 when you sell it to us.

You would want to contact the seller and make them an offer since they are open to accepting offers. Who knows, you might be able to get the car for $300! Wouldn’t that be a great profit!

Tip #4: Close the deal with the seller

Make sure the car title is clear and free. You also want to verify the title is signed so it can be transferred easily into your name. You will want to finalize the deal with the seller first before reselling the car to us.

Tip #5: Get the new car title

Make a quick trip to the DMV to get the car title updated and in your name. Walk out of the DMV with the new car title in hand.

Tip #6: Contact us to proceed with the sale of the vehicle

Once you have the new title and vehicle in your possession, contact us to complete the sale with us.

Please keep in mind the dollar amounts we used above are just examples and do not reflect what you might be able to earn if you decide to buy used cars and sell them to us. Also, remember we cannot purchase a vehicle if it does not have a clear and free title in your name.

Ready to get started making some extra money? Fill out our online quote request form or contact Auto Scrappers at (647) 766-2292 today!

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