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So, you have an older vehicle that you have kept for years that is wearing out and needs replacing. You start shopping around at car dealers in North York and the GTA to find your new vehicle. The dealerships offer to take your current car in on trade. However, the price they are offering may not always be the best deal around.

Why? Well, car dealers have limitations on how much they can pay for a vehicle when taking it on trade. They must determine whether they will be able to refurbish the vehicle and sell it on their used car lot or if they will sell it wholesale.

Quite often, if a vehicle is more than five years old, it ends up getting sold at wholesale. This means that they must make back at least the same amount they gave you for the vehicle as a trade-in. As a result, they might “low-ball” the amount they offer for trade-in hopes that they can earn a little off the vehicle when they sell it at wholesale.

What Other Options Should I Consider?

Make sure to get the amount the car dealership is offering you to trade in your current vehicle in writing. Next, get a hold of us here at Auto Scrappers to request a free quote to find out how much we will offer for your vehicle.

Many of our customers are pleasantly surprised that we end up offering the best cash prices for older vehicles and scrap vehicles in the GTA. With the extra money we offer, you will have more money to put towards your down payment on your new vehicle.

Another great benefit of using our auto buying service is we can also help you find a great price on a quality used vehicle if you aren’t buying a new one. Our prices may also surprise you and be better than what the car dealership was offering.

Another option aside from using our car buying service is to try to sell the vehicle yourself. You will need to place an ad, be available for people to view the vehicle and test drive it. The process can be quite time-consuming. You also must handle all price negotiations and necessary sales paperwork yourself, like transferring the title to the new owner.

If you want to save time and quickly sell your current vehicle so you can buy a new one, then we recommend using our car buying service. We offer same day pickup and free towing, or you can decide to drop the vehicle off to us. By dropping it off at our facility in North York, we will add a $50 bonus to the purchase price. Either way, you get your cash in hand the same day too!

To find out how much your vehicle is worth, please feel free to “Get a Quote” online or contact Auto Scrappers at (647) 766-2292 today! Please remember, your car title must be free of any lienholders for us to purchase your vehicle.

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